Sunseekers is Where it Began

Ingrid & Troy Miller | Owners of Sunseekers Tanning

With spring just around the corner and 2021 just starting to kick off, Ingrid and Troy Miller are anxious to see what this year brings. The married duo has owned and operated Sunseekers Tanning in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin since 1989, which also happens to be the year they decided to tie the knot. “We purchased this property 31 years ago and we have no plans to go anywhere soon” Said Troy.

Ingrid knows a little about tanning with her 30+ years in the industry “People will notice if you’re tan, that’s why our bulbs are changed often so that if you tan in anyone of my beds, you’re going to get a rich healthier color.”  Said Ingrid. That’s why word of mouth is one of Sunseekers best advertisements.

It’s no miracle or stretch of luck they’ve remained the premier tanning salon in the Lake Geneva area either. Troy said “Ingrid wouldn’t know what to do if she couldn’t talk with her customers. From hearing about their vacations, fishing trips, family events, they end up feeling like a family after so long. That’s why we still have active members from when we first opened over 30 years ago!” Said Troy. Even with the fast tanning experience, many customers end up staying longer for the conversation, and it’s great.

If you find yourself in Lake Geneva for a wedding, vacation, or just a get away from the city life, drop by for some warm rays and a friendly chat.

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