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Frequently Asked Questions

No reservation necessary. We only require reservations for our infrared sauna.

Wisconsin law requires you to reach at least 16 years of age to tan.

Tanning is a popular activity, particularly among people with lighter skin tones. This is due to the perception that tans make pale skin look healthier or more attractive.

However, while moderate and UV sun exposure has some health benefits, tanning always carries a risk for skin damage and sunburn. It can also increase the likelihood of skin cancer. If a person wishes to tan, it is vital to take precautions to minimize the risks. Consult your doctor if to go over what exposure is appropriate for you.

Unfortunately, we are not open on Sundays, but we have plenty of availability for you to tan throughout the week. Check it out: Mon-Thurs 9A-6:30P | Fri 9A-5:30P | Sat 8A-3:30P

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The Benefits of an Infrared Sauna

Dr. Oz explained the benefits of infrared saunas, which include lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation, detoxifying the body, and burning calories. Now, everyone from lifehack.org to Harvard Health has written about how beneficial saunas can be for your health, and believe it or not, all of the above benefits are real in a perfectly built sauna. The Sauna Society of America estimates there are about 1 million personal saunas in the United States.

What Our Customers Say

Suzanne Schiltz Customer

Absolutely love this warm and friendly business ❤️. The owners are so helpful and courteous! State of the art tanning beds and sauna!

Brittany Mack Customer

Great bulbs in the beds, friendly staff, lots of parking! Happy to be a new customer!

Amy Rubenstein Customer

I have gone here a few times I have enjoyed going here that's very clean and the staff is very friendly I just have not been tanning in a while now