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About Us

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Sunseekers Tanning Providing Color Since 1990.

Ingrid & Troy, a married duo, opened Sunseekers Tanning in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in 1990, the same year they tied the knot. Both passionate about the health and beauty industry, they work together to provide a wholesome experience every time you come to their tanning salon. 

Ingrid knows a little about tanning with her 30+ years in the industry “People will notice if you’re tan, that’s why our bulbs are changed often so that if you tan in anyone of my beds, you’re going to get a rich healthier color.”  that’s why word of mouth is one of Sunseekers best advertisements.

It’s no miracle or stretch of luck they’ve remained the premier tanning salon in the Lake Geneva area either. Troy said “Ingrid wouldn’t know what to do if she couldn’t talk with her customers. From hearing about their vacations, fishing trips, family events, they end up feeling like a family after so long. That’s why we still have active members from when we first opened over 30 years ago!” Even with the fast tanning experience, many customers end up staying longer for the conversation and its great.

To provide a clean and friendly atmosphere with quality equipment.

The Sunseekers Tanning Mission Statement

Why Us

Why People Choose Sunseekers Tan

Providing 13 different tanning beds, an infrared sauna, and a wide variety of indoor tanning lotions; to give you the ultimate tan you are looking for!
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Relax the Mind

UV light itself has reinforcing effects that contribute to triggering mood-improving endorphins in the skin.
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Healthier Living

Release nitric oxide with UV-A exposure leads to lower blood pressure by widening blood vessels.

Positive Atmosphere

Clean, and positive environment for our customers to have a stress-free tanning experience.

What Our Customers Say

Suzanne Schiltz Customer

Absolutely love this warm and friendly business ❤️. The owners are so helpful and courteous! State of the art tanning beds and sauna!

Brittany Mack Customer

Great bulbs in the beds, friendly staff, lots of parking! Happy to be a new customer!

Amy Rubenstein Customer

I have gone here a few times I have enjoyed going here that's very clean and the staff is very friendly I just have not been tanning in a while now

Tanning Experts

Sunseekers Tanning Owners

Ingrid Miller


Troy Miller


Our Spa Services

The Benefits of an Infrared Sauna

Dr. Oz explained the benefits of infrared saunas, which include lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation, detoxifying the body, and burning calories. Now, everyone from lifehack.org to Harvard Health has written about how beneficial saunas can be for your health, and believe it or not, all of the above benefits are real in a perfectly built sauna. The Sauna Society of America estimates there are about 1 million personal saunas in the United States.

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Sunseekers Tanning Experience

At Sunseekers Tan, we are dedicated to bringing you the most amazing tanning experience and exemplary customer service in the area! Co-owners Ingrid & Troy have spent 31 years providing Lake Geneva with a Premier Tanning Experience. Offering 13 different tanning beds and a wide variety of indoor tanning lotions; to give you the ultimate tan you are looking for!

Becoming a Sunseekers Tanning member has great benefits and can be rewarding to join.

When outdoor sunshine is near impossible for our bodies to consume, indoor tanning has documented studies that conclude many health benefits.

Vitamin D
Hormonal Balance
Natural Body Oils